Three world wars and a secret alien invasion later.

–Narrator, First Chapter

Super Infestation is a comic by Lumin.



In the year 2001, a mission to repair a broken sattelite is initiated and a four men crew was sent into space to fix the sattelite. On the way back an alien insect latches onto the shuttle that is going back to Earth and after its arrival it begin evolving to look like different Earth insects like a mosquito or a wasp and the bites from this insect either killed off or evolved humans which is what causes the new breed of super humans.

Now almost three hundred years later the world has fought three major wars, all of which just destroyed it even more. The chance of becoming a super human has died down because of new mandatory drugs and anti-biotics and now the government has finnally found the pest that started it all and the only way to stop it is to use what it created against itself: the super heroes.

Now the Rogue Faction is hunting down the alien pest and finding trouble along the way as they figure out that the situation is much worst than anyone could have imagined.