Richelawn is a settlement located in Chicago. It was founded during the second super human war as a bunker named after General A. Richelawn.

History Edit

Richelawn was originally a bunker that was supposed to protect and preserve life if an apocalypisic event were to occur. Almost 700 people were fit into the large underground bunker and only about 500 survived. Richelawn was never attacked or in danger since all threats were procedding downwards towards the south.


Since the end of the war population in Richelawn has been booming. The population is at about 2000 people and it mainly consists of rich and wealthy citizens.


Richelawn is up at the top of Chicago and is nicknamed North Chicago. It was placed next to Lake Michigan as a bunker so that it would have have a large amount of water. The community is slowly growing around the lake and into other states.

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